Artist Bio

     Glenn was born in New Zealand, raised in Peterborough, Ontario, and currently lives in Cambridge, Ontario. He has also spent time living and traveling abroad in Europe, Africa, and most recently completing a two year, top to bottom cycling tour of the Americas. Glenn studied political and economic development at Trent University, but aside from a few basic courses he has taken a self-taught approach to making art. Over the past ten years he has focused his artistic abilities on creating one of a kind mobiles.

Artist Statement

     After trying my hand at a variety of artistic mediums, I’ve found kinetic sculpture to be the most engaging. The subtle dynamics and shifting compositions of mobiles make them fascinating both to work with and to contemplate as finished products. I initially began creating mobiles using primarily found and recycled objects, enticed by the possibility of providing surprising new contexts for them. I still keep an eye out for interesting objects to incorporate into my mobiles, but now I also design and build stained glass shapes and structures for many of them. I find that this allows me to add another level of creativity to my work, and I look forward to developing other sculptural techniques as well. Beyond producing playful original mobiles, I endeavor to create works of art that inspire a sense of wonder.